A Conference for Branding & Audience Building



We strive to provide actionable information at an affordable conference rate (and of course, food and coffee). In addition, there are a few upgrade options for those that want to increase their access.


The Basics



  • Full Day Conference Pass

  • Working Community Tables

  • Blank MNDAs for Collaboration

  • Breakfast & Lunch

  • Access to Every Panel

  • Questions in Advance to Panelists

Communicate with other start-ups and attend panels from experts across a wide variety of disciplines.

This is not a series of passive lectures from speakers who’ve already made it in their field. Iridium brings experts and entrepreneurs together to answer pressing questions and deliver actionable advice and education. 

We are the opposite of ambiguous, hard-to-follow or intangible advice. Iridium is a weekend education and continued events that provide reliable resources to a community of entrepreneurs beyond the conference. 


At Iridium, we are all about building an amazing community. We want to do all that we can to help you build your business. If you feel that you could benefit from attending our day of panels, one-on-one consultations, and small group workshops, please reach out to our team. Apply for a RISE WITH IRIDIUM Scholarship! Tell us a little about your business or idea and how we can help.


Add-Ons - Day of Registration



  • 30 Minute Sessions with Panelists

Before and after their speaking event, panelists will make themselves available for in-person consultations. The 1-on-1 Advisory Sessions package add-on allows you to book four different experts and sit with them to share your idea, ask for advice, learn more about their business, and understand how they’ve tackled challenges in the space. Each panelist is expressly chosen for their proximity to the challenges that your new organization will face in today’s market.



  • Includes Full Conference Pass

  • Four 30 Minute Sessions with Panelists

  • VIP Advisory Session Registration

  • Two Weekend Pop-Up Shop Residency

  • Shared Pop-Up Space with Other Pop-Up Retailers

  • Retailers Collectively Drive Foot Traffic

  • Includes Iridium-Funded “Open House” Launch Party

  • Includes 1 Year Marketing Mentorship Program Magical Threads

  • Includes 1 Year Operations Mentorship Program from Side Porch

This is truly a package with an enormous amount of value, great for companies looking to explore brick & mortar. It is also excellent for brands with an emerging consumer product to share their new line in a market test of Angelenos. Magical Threads is a Marketing and Content Strategy consulting firm with a wide variety of experience across B2B & B2C goods and services. Side Porch is a mission and impact focused consultancy providing strategy, operations, evaluation and partnership development support across a wide range of sectors and industries.